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Escape to Getaway Bay for some seriously sweet romance. This complete collection features four sweet romance novels that will leave you stranded with a hero! You’ll get swept away with a billionaire, a Navy SEAL, a quarterback, and a cowboy billionaire in four love stories that will leave you breathless.


The warm rain pounded against her face, blinding her, and Eden ducked her head again, true fear flowing through her.

The ground beneath her began to shake, and she bolted to her feet.

“The mountain is coming down.”

Sure enough, in that moment, Bald Mountain Cliffs started shedding off rocks like a snake does its skin. Eden had nowhere to go to escape—not this time.

She got swept away by the landslide as it rammed into her back, stealing her breath and shooting toward that corner she’d rounded. She knew the landslide wouldn’t turn and follow the path, but go right off the side of the cliff.

And she was going with it.

She screamed as she fell, landing much sooner than she’d have thought. She rolled as more mud and rocks continued to rain down on her, pain flashing through her temples, her knees, her back, and her hands.

All at once, she found shelter from the rain and all the debris flowing over the path above. She drew in a shaky breath, the edges of her vision turning white.

“I’m going to pass out,” she murmured, glad she’d texted her sisters.

“Hey,” a man said, and Eden jerked toward the voice. Bad move. Her head swam, and she couldn’t see very well at all.

She groaned and started to tip forward, the man catching her in his arms at the same time he said, “Eden?”

Eden looked up in the gorgeous, if not a little bloody, face of Holden Holstein. Ah, Holden. This was a nice dream. One where he held her in his arms, kissed her, shared his deepest sorrows with her.

“Are you with me?” he asked, and Eden’s eyes snapped open again. “Don’t pass out, Eden.”

But she couldn’t hold on. Of course Holden—the one and only man she’d ever loved—would have to be in this cave. Had to be a witness to her falling off a cliff and passing out.

“Holden,” she murmured. She’d wanted to say so much to him before they’d broken up all those years ago. But she couldn’t then, and her tongue was too thick and her brain too slow now.

So she settled into the warm darkness, the scent of Holden’s skin and cologne lulling her right into unconsciousness, the way it had so often in the past.


Holden Holstein couldn’t really hold Eden’s weight, though she was a tall, lithe woman with hardly any body fat. But a rock had landed on his leg, and he was pretty sure it was fractured.

He laid Eden down as gently as he could, but he was pretty sure she groaned as he did. It was hard to tell above the pounding rain just a few feet away, and all that mud, foliage, and rock falling off the ledge up above.

He couldn’t believe he’d picked today to come out here. It literally hadn’t rained in Getaway Bay in a month, and he’d thought the wet season had ended. It was the middle of May, and the weather usually played nice by now.

Holden fell to the ground beside Eden, panting now that the adrenaline had worn off. Pain pulsed through his leg, and it would be a miracle if he got out of here alive. Of course, he would. If the hardships Holden had already endured in his life hadn’t killed him, this landslide wouldn’t.

Holden had brought his phone with him. At least Eden had a backpack on. He glanced at her, noticing that she was wearing an Explore GB T-shirt, and guilt spread through him like wildfire.

She worked for his company, and surely she could get them out of this mess. But he hated that he couldn’t do it. Hated that he owned the company but couldn’t tell Eden. Couldn’t survive in the wilds of Hawaii by himself. Hated that he’d lost Eden years ago.

But his mother had been dying, and he hadn’t been able to deal with the demands of a relationship too. Even though Eden hadn’t been a demanding girlfriend, Holden simply hadn’t been in a place where he could keep her.

So he’d cut her loose. He’d cut a lot of people and things loose during that difficult time of his life, and he’d been slowly putting pieces back together since then.

Privately. Behind closed doors.

He reached over and covered Eden’s hand with his. She wasn’t cold, which was a good sign, but she didn’t move either. Bad sign. It had been five years since they’d been a couple. Five years since his mother’s illness. Five years since the funeral.

He’d thought of Eden every day since then, and while he’d blocked some memories from that time of his life and he knew he’d acted badly, he couldn’t help hoping she’d come back to him.


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