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She’s a reluctant princess in hiding. Their best friends who will awaken her dormant sensuality.


“You know, you should just ask her out.”

Sam’s voice caught Phil’s attention and he shifted his attention back to Sam. He heard amusement in Sam’s voice and needed to see his expression to figure out why he was laughing.


Rob started coughing. But Phil had the feeling Rob was laughing at Sam. Which was confirmed when Sam shot Rob a narrow-eyed look.

“Brianna. You’ve been staring at her for the past fifteen minutes.”

“It’s only been twelve minutes,” yes, he’d kept count, “and I know if we dated it would be weird for you, so why would I?”

Sam looked at him strangely for a few long seconds. “Why do you think it’d be weird for me?”

“Because you’re in charge of her security, and you’d have to give the okay for us to date.”

Some emotion Phil couldn’t decipher passed over Sam’s expression. “You think I have to approve her dates?”

“Don’t you?”

Finally, Sam shook his head. “I don’t approve her dates. I vet them for security reasons.”

“And if they don’t pass, they don’t date. Therefore—”

“You decide who she dates,” Rob finished. “He’s not wrong.”

Sam’s jaw flexed, the only visible sign that he was ticked off.

“I only shot down one guy in all the years I’ve handled her security. I’m not a dick who arbitrarily fucks up her dating life for fun. And the guy she wanted to date had a record.”

Rob’s grin widened. “What’d she say about that?”

Sam’s upper lip curled in a sneer, which quickly disappeared. “Nothing. I run the company, but I leave her day-to-day details to Lucy, so she had to deal with the hissy fit.”

Lucy was Sam’s right hand at the Perez Group, former US Army military police, and a badass. Phil had a huge amount of respect for the woman, but her quiet intensity made him twitch.

Brianna was quiet, too, but instead of pushing him away, she drew him closer. Her personality was more… Peaceful was the only word that came to mind. Her smile was like Xanax. And no, he wasn’t stupid enough to ever say that to her or anyone else. And he meant it in a good way.

She called to him, but he hadn’t given in to the compulsion. Yet. But his attention strayed toward her again, and this time, she caught him looking. Her gaze locked with his, and for the first time in a long time, Phil gave serious consideration to walking over there and asking her to have a drink. He wanted to talk to her. Then he wanted to take her to bed. He wanted to get naked and sweaty and lose himself in her. He wanted to make her come and hear her moan out his name when she did.

And he knew he could. He could make it good for her.

She smiled then, a sweet curve of her lips that acknowledged his interest and invited him over to talk to her.

“Jesus, Phil, just go talk to her.” Sam’s voice broke through the spell, and Phil turned to see Sam shaking his head, his expression carefully blank. “You don’t need my fucking permission.”

He wasn’t looking for Sam’s permission, but they were friends and Sam’s opinion mattered. And he’d just given Phil the green flag.

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