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Adam’s hot, funny, and he when we are together he makes me see stars. The problem? I’m a single working mom and he doesn’t do serious relationships.


Erin walked in with a tray filled with medical supplies. Her amber eyes appraised him as she walked toward the gurney. She set the tray down on a stand and tugged gloves onto her hands. “I didn’t think I’d be seeing you again so soon.”

He removed the gauze from his head and chuckled. “It must be your lucky day.” This wasn’t how he’d imagined seeing her again either.

“Guess so. What happened?” she asked, while sorting some tools on the metal tray in front of her.

“I was chasing a robber who was evading custody. He thought it’d be a good idea to hit me with a landscaping brick. Unfortunately for him he didn’t knock me out and I still booked him. He’s probably being processed right now.”

Erin’s eyes widened as she peered at the wound. “A brick?” Her gloved fingers touched around the gash. “You’re going to have a nasty bump and bruise, but I’d say you got pretty lucky. I should be able to stitch this up nicely with little scarring.”

“I don’t feel so lucky at the moment. But considering you’re the one who’s going to be stitching me up, maybe my luck’s changing for the better.”

Erin quirked her brow at him, but didn’t say anything for a few moments. “Has anyone given you ibuprofen yet?”


“Do you have any allergies and are you currently taking any medications?”

“No. Neither.” He’d hoped she’d be more relaxed while taking care of him, but it didn’t appear he was going to get that wish. It’d be nice to get to know a little more about her now that he had her by himself.

“Has your day gotten better? You seemed frazzled earlier,” he said, changing the topic.

Erin picked up a packet from the tray and handed it to him. She grabbed a cup and went to the sink, filled it with water, then brought it back to him. “It’s been a busy day here. I’m ready for my break.”

“Break?” It was nearly five. Surely she’d be getting off soon.

She let out a breath, but smiled, one that didn’t quite meet her eyes. “I’m pulling a double today.”

“Long day.”

“It’s been a steady one. Makes it go fast, but also means I haven’t sat down either. What about your day? Doesn’t seem like it’s going so well.”

“What, this?” He motioned to his head. “Nah, it’s not so bad. I get to spend the last bit of my shift with you. I’d call it a good end to the day.”

Erin met his eyes as a small smile slipped over her face, but she didn’t say anything.

“What time are you off?” he asked.

“Five am.”

He whistled. “Do you have dinner plans tonight?”

“Only that I’ll get around to it sometime.”

Well, that was a vague answer. “What do you say we go to the diner down the block after you’re done putting me back together?”

“I have to clean the wound before I can suture it. It’s going to hurt.” She didn’t wait for him to say anything before something cool touched his head.

He flinched as a heating, stinging sensation blossomed on his brow. “You didn’t answer my question.” He was being bold and he knew it. But she hadn’t refused him—yet. What was it with women ignoring him today? First Laney now Erin. Maybe he was losing his touch.

Erin removed her hands from his brow and picked up a shot. “Just dinner?” She held the needle in her hand and sighed.

His eyes darted to the needle in her hand as she pulled the cap off it. He forced a smile. “Just dinner. I’ll buy. But before you stick that in me, I have a request if I can?”

“Okay.” She kept the needle poised and ready to strike.

“Can I get removable stitches? Is that what you call them?”

Erin frowned. “I was going to do dissolvable so you didn’t have to come back.”

“I’d like removable. It gives me a chance to see you again.”

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