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An operative shot in the line of duty. An EMT with a huge secret. And the ultimate explosion of consequences and hearts.


They stepped into the elevator and Falcon wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.

Emmy looked over at them and smiled. “Kori, are you coming home with us?”
Her cheeks flamed hot and her breath caught in her throat. Falcon answered first.

“She is. If she stops being bossy.”

“I’m not bossy.”

He shook his head. “Babe. You are.”

She opened her mouth, saw Emmy grinning, and closed it. She didn’t think she was bossy at all. And he called her babe. Wow.

When the elevator doors opened they strode to their vehicles, the chatter was cordial, but there were things hanging over all of them. There were two bodies laying on the ground at her consignment store. Was one of them Meredith’s pimp?

Was he still after her?

Falcon stopped at the front of their SUV and she shook her head. “I still have the keys; you still have a bum leg. Let’s not make this difficult.”

“See? Bossy.”

She shook her head and strode to the driver’s side, opened the vehicle and stepped up into it. She busied herself with buckling her seatbelt and starting it up while Falcon got himself inside and situated.
Kori looked over at Creed, in the driver’s seat of the other SUV and he grinned, then pulled the vehicle out of its parking space. Kori followed, hiding her grin from Falcon.

Falcon’s phone buzzed. “Yeah.”

He ran the fingers of his left hand down the side of his face as he listened, and she got the impression it wasn’t good news.

Swallowing to keep from freaking out, she could feel the issues of today building up inside of her and though she’d had a decent cry when Falcon saved her, it hadn’t been the all-out, cleansing cry she felt coming on. She’d do that in the shower later. Right now, she needed to keep her shit together and deal with whatever they needed to deal with.

Falcon ended his call and looked over at her.

“That was Emmy. The police are at your consignment shop. The bodies are gone.”

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