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One more big case and I’ll make partner. It’s everything I’ve spent the last six years working for. The deal is in the bag until I learn my brother is getting married in Hawaii in a little over a week. What kind of sister would I be if I didn’t go?


“Come on, you’ve had a long day.” He looped his arm in mine again and gently pulled me toward him.

The waves lapped at our feet as we left the water. We made our way up the beach in silence. I wasn’t ready for the night to end. Jake had been right. It had been too long since I’d let loose and had fun. If I went back to my room now, I’d probably look at my email again and I’d bet money there were at least half a dozen emails from Oshwinsky.

I scrunched my nose. That was something I did not want to deal with. But I couldn’t trust myself alone with Jake. I’d done that. I’d initiated that kiss. It wasn’t even like I could blame it on the alcohol. I’d had a wine cooler and a few sips of his beer. Nowhere near enough to be drunk by anyone’s standards. That had been me. Acting on my feelings.

He hadn’t exactly said no. Now that some of my embarrassment had dissipated, I recalled his words. He liked it. A lot. Did he harbor feelings for me too? It didn’t matter I couldn’t go there. Not with Jake.

“So, breakfast tomorrow. I’ll pick you up,” Jake said, drawing me from my thoughts.

I glanced up and realized we were already at my small condo. The whole walk back I’d been stuck in my head. “I’m looking forward to meeting Carly. Normal!” I emphasized the word he’d used earlier.

Jake nodded. “She’s an interesting match for Daryl. That’s for sure.”

“Hopefully nice and someone who can help him get his head on straight. If that’s even possible.” Daryl was carefree and something of a player. It was odd that he’d suddenly found a woman to settle down with.

“She’s definitely nice. Like I said, doesn’t fit in with this bunch.” Jake leaned into me, and I caught another whiff of his tantalizing cologne. I breathed it in. “And trust me, I know what it’s like to not fit in.”

I swatted at him. “Not everyone feels that way.”

“Only you don’t feel that way, Kat.” He gave me a grin and his eyes met mine.

I swallowed. He was so close again. His lips inviting me to taste them again. I wanted to feel them again. That kiss earlier had been enough to make my body react. Just thinking about it had my nipples pebbling and heat pooling in my core. I shifted on my feet. This was crazy. I must be losing my mind. All the crazy work hours were finally catching up to me.

But damn it all to hell, I was being reckless tonight. For the second time, I closed the distance between us. His lips were soft. He stood still, unmoving. Just when I was about to pull away, his hands snaked around my back and pulled me close.

Jake pressed me against the door. Our bodies meddled together. I lifted a leg up and wrapped it around his hip, drawing him right where I wanted him. His length was rock hard. I ground against him, making him growl.

We needed to take this inside before I had my way with him right here at the front door. And what if someone saw? My dad would be pissed. It could cost me everything. My promotion. My job. My life. I pushed the thought away. That was a worry for later.

Right now, I wanted Jake. Consequences be damned.

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