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Dating her is easy and fun and everything I never knew I wanted, until our kids launch an all-out campaign to break us up. Can our relationship survive their meddling, or will we wipe out?


We’d moved away from the topic of kissing so quickly that I worried the moment had passed me by. Again. I felt like a teenager, wondering when I’d get the chance to kiss the pretty girl.

Natalie glanced at her watch and her eyes popped open. “Shoot. I’m late for a meeting.”

She jumped out of her chair so fast that her foot caught the leg, making her tumble sideways and almost fall into the patio railing. I leaped to my feet and grabbed her around the waist, steadying her with my body.

“There she goes again,” I joked.

“Yeah, yeah. Make fun of the klutz.” She was breathing fast, but I wasn’t sure if it was from the almost-fall, or our proximity.

I could feel every inch of her body, her breasts against my chest, my arms around her waist, my fingers against the small of her back. I didn’t want to let go.

When she looked up at me, her lips parted.

“I think I may have to hold onto you,” I whispered.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” I said, my voice low. “So you don’t break a bone or anything.”

“Is that the only reason?” Natalie’s cheeks flushed and her gaze drifted to my lips.

I couldn’t wait another second.

“Can I?” I leaned closer.

“Please.” Her eyes drifted closed.

When our lips met, a shiver ran down my spine. It didn’t feel like a first kiss. It felt like catching the perfect wave. Like sunshine on my face. Like warm blankets on a cold California night.

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