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One former military security specialist. Plus, one independent mechanic in trouble. Equals a wrenching dilemma that puts them in the middle of a cartel war out of control.


“Hey,” he murmured. She paused. “You okay?”

She swallowed a couple of times as she regained her composure. “Yeah. Will you be mad if I want to go back home? It’s bad enough being a target there, but out here without support close by, it’s rocking my confidence and security to no end.”

He stood and gathered her into his arms; the instant she stepped into his embrace, he felt better. “I won’t be mad, as a matter of fact, I’m going to tell Carl to start the boat and take us back right now. I’ll have the police there waiting for us to take that jerk in and question him.”

“Thank you.” She mumbled into his shoulder and he squeezed her a bit tighter.

He rubbed her back as his mind wandered. Going away didn’t help, home wasn’t safe, not right now anyway. “Dani, I want you to move in with me. I know it’s a lot and soon, but here’s the thing. I have security. I love being with you. I won’t sleep if I don’t know if you’re safe and, well, I love being with you.”

“You said that twice.”

“It means that much.”

She chuckled. “I like being with you too.”

“Is that a yes?”

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