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I’m finally going to meet them at the championship after party. Their brawling tendencies gets them into trouble all the time. They bowl through the opposing team, leaving havoc and destruction.


I don’t trust that little bitch of a dude, Lewis Arnold, with his shifty eyes and nervous tell of wiping his hands down his skinny thighs. But we need someone on the inside. We don’t know anything. Is it Tom himself? Why would he do this? He’ll lose everything by having a stalker crush on Kat. Brent Perkins is big, big time. He’s got infinite resources and contacts. Would having Kat be worth it? I stare at the vision in front of me. In ripped jeans and red billowy top, she’s stunning. More than stunning. She’s everything.

I shove one hand in the front pocket of my jeans and with my other hand, rub my index finger along my bottom lip. Back and forth. Back and forth, while I think.

Ed. I think he works security for Tom Brooks. I can call him.

Twenty minutes later, it’s all worked out. He was already on the job, which luckily for us, is security for Tom’s floor. He’ll stay as close as he can. His cover will be that he heard about a threat. If he loses his job over this, he can come work security for us. We’ll pay more.

That’s done. Lewis is gone. The four of us stand staring at each other wordlessly. An air of awkwardness stuffs me full and by the way the others’ gazes shift, they feel the same.

I would appreciate it if Brent left so we could get to know Kat better, but it appears he’s decided to stay all day. An obnoxious smirk twists his mouth, as he walks to Kat, slipping his arm around her waist.

He pats her side. “Got a little extra padding there. Maybe a few more salads would do you some good.”

My brain cells are bricks of ice waiting to detonate and shatter. His words seep into Kat and she turns bright red. Her hand grips her throat as she swivels away from him. “Dad, you should go.”

“What? I’m just being honest.”

“Mr. Perkins, you have no right to say anything about your daughter in this regard. We love her the way she is. She’s perfect,” Abel snarls and snaps, ready to take on Brent to protect the feelings of his daughter that he doesn’t appear to care about one bit.

My stomach has hands squeeze and constrict with dread.  But Kat takes over. “Dad, I think you should visit Tom. Try to get a feel for him. Maybe you can find out whether it’s him or not. Don’t you think?”

His eyebrows compress and wiggle like red caterpillars and while he considers her suggestion, his face filling with suspicion. But he nods. “I’ll be back later, little girl.”

Kat shakes her head, “No, Dad. Not tonight. We want to be alone. Get to know each other better.”

Brent opens his mouth to complain but she holds a hand up. He shuts it with the snap. Kat might hate conflict but it appears when it’s necessary, she’ll go to war.

He spins and stalks away, his unhappy mumbling too quiet to hear. None of us stay to watch him drive off. Instead, we return back inside the townhouse. If she agrees to be with us, we will have to sell our bachelor pads to buy one big home.

Kat enters the house first with the three of us following like good puppy dogs. Sit. Stay. Yup. I’m all for it. She swivels away, her hips sway, and I’m a goner.

“Lunch?” Her head turns, a teasing glint in her electric green eyes. Abel’s hands grab her by her hips, tugging her up against him, her back to his front.

“You. I want you for lunch.” His back faces me, and I take a seat at the table, my legs spread. My cock lengthens as I watch him kiss a trail down the back of her neck. He lifts a hank of hair, and I can only imagine the feral look on his face. From where I sit, his body gets tight and stiff.

I rub my dick, getting more aroused every second. Jesse must feel the same way because he’s rubbing himself standing at the kitchen sink watching.

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