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Their epic love story was forever changed by one horrible misunderstanding. Bria du Mont and Damien du Sky have been in love for as long as they can remember. Until the events of one night changed everything. When the web of secrets surrounding that fateful night begin to unravel, a betrayal is revealed that threatens everything they thought they knew.


“We just made love. Give us another reprieve before we let whatever we have here crumble at our feet.”

“I only see one solution to our problem,” I reply with a poker face.

“And that would be . . .?” She bats her lashes, and I wish to freeze time, just to be with her like this, forever us.

“I must have you again,” I say and flash her my most charming smile.

“What are you?” she asks, trying to suppress a smile.

“I am insatiable, and at this moment, high on you.” I pin her down with our hands laced together as I sink in and out of her until I fill her again.

Brushing my hair, she says, “I need to shower.”

“I like you smelling of me, so we won’t take a shower.”

“Who said you’re invited?”

She baits me. How I’ve missed the banter between us. 

I give her a pointed look. “As if you could or want to stop me, but nice try, though.” I bolt toward the bathroom and return with a wet towel. Bria props on her elbows and runs her tongue around her lips, eyes glowing with appreciation at what I assume is my ripped, naked body. Modesty is not one of my strengths. The long warming up and training hours have paid off in her absence. It doesn’t occur to me until now, but here with her, I enjoy the validation I receive from her sizing me up and her gulping. All the sparring with my trainer, Mark, helped to ease the frustration and pent-up energy. At least physically, it came with a bonus.

“Like what you see?” I tease. Her response is to toss a pillow at my head. I duck, and it only grazes my shoulder as I shake my head at her. I nudge behind her legs and clean her up as she giggles and shields her face with her hands.

Afterward, she hops into my arms. “It was amazing. I will cherish it to my last breath.”

I pat her small nose and kiss the tip of it. “It was my final gift and goodbye, Bria.”

Her shoulders slump. “I wish we could stay here forever.”

That dreamy, hopeful voice undoes me. Yes, keep me here with you, and carry on your voodoo on me, Bria!

“Baby, you know it’s impossible. I can’t forget in the long run. The reason that divided us will always linger between us.”

I lift her chin as she sighs, “And the years we’ve spent apart.”

“And everything that happened in between.”

“We’re impossible. We can put it how we want it, yet it is what it is, and somehow it’s just sad.” 

I answer with a cracked voice, “The story of our lives. Being in purgatory, it seems we’re incapable of leaving, although the door is wide open.”

Her teary eyes pin me on the spot. “I like it there. There I’m not alone, and you are with me.”

“This is not what I wished to give us, Bria.”

“Leave me then and lock the door behind you.”

My head and shoulders drop. “I can’t . . . I never could.”


“Hmm . . .”

Bria cradles my face, and her mouth whispers on mine as I shudder at her promise. “I will always be there, remember it—”

“Why tell me not to leave you but imply you will?”

My hands fly to her as I bend her neck so she can answer by looking me in the eyes. “I’m sorry, baby.” 

“Stay with me, Bria . . .”

Her eyes well up, and my hands drop to my side.

“I am, physically or not, forever. You don’t see it because you keep your eyes shut.”

I tilt my head to the side and answer, “What’s there to see, if not the shadow of your absence?”

She places a tender kiss on the corner of my lips. “You still have to tell me the other three memories.”

“In a bit. Let’s rest for a while, okay?” 

I tumble onto the bed, taking her with me. She cuddles against me as I press her to my side, and as I’m drifting to sleep, I confess, “You are the only one I’ve ever truly loved.” 

And before sleep overtakes me, I hear her whispering to me, “You are the only one I’ve ever loved at all.”

“The most beautiful lie of them all, Bria.”

“The truest truth I’ve ever spoken, Damien.”

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