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From the moment he saw her, Mason knew he had to have her…and that no one else could touch what he’d already decided was his. But will one night of the beautiful stranger be enough? Or will the cool mafia enforcer let the heat between them be the thing that finally melts his heart?


I heard a click in the outer room as I toweled myself off and froze. Was that him?

“It’s only me, Lacy,” I heard him say and sighed with relief.

I walked out, the towel wrapped around my body for a little bit of modesty, despite what I was about to do, and saw him opening a small fridge I hadn’t noticed before. “Want a drink?”

“I’ll have a water too, please,” I answered, not wanting alcohol to dull my senses.

“How old are you, Lacy?” he asked as he brought me the bottle and stood in front of me.

“I turned twenty-three last month,” I replied and looked up at him. “How old are you?”

“I turned thirty a few months ago,” he supplied and went to sit on the edge of the bed. “Go sit on that chair for me, please.”

I opened the water and took a drink as I sat down, crossing my legs as I did so.

“No, open your legs for me,” he demanded immediately, and I did as requested.

I wasn’t trying to be seductive, I didn’t know how to be, so I looked at him and waited.

My hair was a wet trail down my back, but I wasn’t cold. I was just…on edge.

“You’re beautiful. Incredible. And I need to have you. I knew that the moment I laid eyes on you today in that store.” He surprised me with that, but I stayed quiet. Mainly, because I had no idea what to say. “I think I’d have gone back tomorrow if you hadn’t shown up here tonight.”

My eyebrows lifted before I could stop them, and my mouth opened in surprise. Would he have really done that? b

“Come here,” he beckoned with a finger pointing at the ground between his legs and I got out of the chair to walk over to him. “Here.”

He pulled me over him, until my breasts were in his face, though they were still hidden behind the towel. I took a shaky breath but found I liked the way our bodies fit together between my legs, liked being able to smell him up close like this. His hands came up to my waist to hold me still when I twisted my hips against him.

“Not yet, angel. Not yet.” Mason instructed and I went still. My body wanted to move, though, and I wanted to tear the towel away, wrench off his clothes, and impale myself on him I was in such a hurry to have him, but he’d told me to wait. So, I did.

I felt his hands move, finally, until his fingers brushed some of my hair back from my shoulders. His face was so close to my chest that I felt his breath against the tops of my breasts, and I couldn’t help it, I pushed them against him.

I heard the sound of a quiet chuckle, but then his fingers were inside the towel, tugging at it gently. The material parted and I think we both inhaled loudly.

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