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Seven spicy books are included in this limited time boxed set. Dive into these steamy, forbidden, brother’s best friend romances featuring your favorite kind of off limits hero.

Tempting Boundaries by Carrie Ann Ryan
Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh
Catching the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox
Burn For You by J.H. Croix
Just One Kiss by Carly Phillips
Mad About the Banker by Piper Rayne
Fight for Me by Claudia Burgoa blurb


from Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh

There should’ve been speed bumps on the road by now. Hiccups or hang-ups or giant, gaping potholes in this relationship Jason and I have fallen in to. And yet, there haven’t been. Not one, and that actually worries me more than if there’d been a dozen. 

It’s been two and a half weeks since Thanksgiving. Two and a half weeks since the night I knew I fell head over reluctant heels in love with him. Two and a half weeks filled with secret sleepovers and movie nights and sex and laughter and watching the man I love play dress-up with my daughter just to see her smile.

And even though I know it’s not healthy to focus on what could possibly go wrong in a relationship, I still can’t stop from feeling like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Perpetually on edge, anticipating a hiccup that hasn’t come. I should be relieved. I should be counting my blessings and thanking God that there haven’t been any issues. Even the situation with Cade was cleared up quickly, and I haven’t heard a negative peep out of him since his apology.

“Hey, what’s got you thinking so hard over there?” Paige asks from across a table in the mall food court. Normally, I wouldn’t be caught dead out here this close to Christmas, but it’s a weeknight and Jason and Haley had special, secret plans that I was told were none of my business, so Paige and I hit the mall to get in some holiday shopping.

I shake my head, twirling a bite of lo mein onto my fork. “Nothing.”

“Liar,” she accuses with a jab of her fork in my direction. “Now spill. What’s going on? Jase not able to get it up anymore? Your lady business feeling a little neglected?”

“Paige!” I hiss, darting a gaze around and seeing an older woman sitting off to the side of us, looking affronted as she purses her lips and shakes her head. “Would it be so difficult to censor yourself just a little while in public?”

She snorts. “I don’t censor myself, ever. And if people overhear”—she raises her voice and stares pointedly at the old lady—“it’s their own damn fault for eavesdropping in the first place.”

“Oh my God.” I drop my head into my hands, feeling my face flame.

As if the entire exchange didn’t even happen with the poor, scarred older woman, Paige says, “So, seriously, what’s up? Is everything okay?”

And that’s why I love her, why she’s my best friend. She can go from funny and carefree and completely inappropriate to caring and concerned in a second flat. 

Sighing, my shoulders sag. “I don’t know. Nothing’s wrong. And that’s kind of the problem.”

She raises her eyebrows. “Nothing is wrong and that’s the problem,” she repeats. “I’m gonna need a definition of that from the Tessa Dictionary, please.”

“I just…I don’t know. I was anticipating this thing with Jason to be full of complications, and it’s been…easy. Too easy.”

“Honey, that’s not a bad thing.”

“I know it’s not a bad thing. I just can’t stop from waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

“Are you waiting for him to screw up?”

“No…yes…I don’t know.” I sigh, my shoulders dropping as I stare at her. 

Her face is completely free of scrutiny, and I know whatever I tell her will stay in the vault. Whatever I tell her will be accepted without any kind of judgment. I can bleed in front of her, show her all my ugly insecurities, and she’ll take it all in stride, not blinking an eye as she soothes my fears. 

“He’s new to all this, you know? Me, I’ve done the relationship thing. But him? His longest relationship lasted about two hours. What if I’m just, I don’t know, practice?”

“If you’re just practice, that boy is an amazing actor and needs to go to Hollywood to get started on his journey toward an Oscar. He’s into you, Tess. Like, really, really, totally-head-over-heels-in-love-with-you into you.”


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