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One stubborn military man. Plus one feisty Army chick. Equals an explosion of power, passion, and crime.



From the corner of her eye she saw Levi run toward her, heard him yelp in pain then she lost her grip on the wall only to fall into his arms and they both tumbled to the floor. Luckily some of the cushions she’d pushed aside kept them from landing like stones. She heard him grunt and moved to roll from on top of him. He held her in place, and she turned to look into his eyes.

“Are you okay?” he huffed out.

“It appears I’m better than you. Did you hurt your leg?”

“Yeah. But, it’s okay, just cramped up when I tried running toward you.”

“You shouldn’t have run; I was okay.” She tried keeping the sarcasm at bay, but she was still hurt.

“You didn’t look okay; you were falling. Off. A. Stool. That. Swivels,” he clipped out.

She sat back and faced him. “The ladders were all in use. I was fine.”

He sat up, grimacing a couple of times. “Sage.” He let out a breath. “You can’t stand on a stool when you do this work. You have to be safe.”

“I was saf…” She stopped as she saw the tensing of his jaw and furrowing of his brow.

They stared into each other’s eyes, and she noted that his took on a deeper tone and they were incredibly sexy. His lashes were thick and full, his skin clear, and the fullness of his lips reminded her of the many kisses they’d shared last night. He reached forward and wrapped his hand around her nape, pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. Soft kisses sent butterflies soaring in her tummy and shivers ran through her body, the dampness between her legs increased and her nipples puckered.

He pulled away just a fraction, “I’m sorry.”

“For breaking my fall?” She was half joking.

He swiped his thumb across her bottom lip, the coarseness of his skin in such contrast to hers. It sent a shiver down her spine. He held her in place, his hand still on her nape, each sitting thigh to thigh, staring into each other’s eyes. His voice was gruff when he softly said, “I’m sorry I didn’t ask you. I just thought it would be nice to spend the day with you. Working, talking, just being.”

Well, knock her over with a feather. He wanted to spend time with her? No shit. “You did?”

He huffed out a breath, “Yes. Apparently, I didn’t express that correctly.”

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