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Rock ‘n roll drummer Lucas Lloyd has it all: talent, fame, fans, the girl… and a giant secret. And if anyone finds out—he will lose it all.


Knock, knock.

I called out for whoever was at the door to enter. Dahlia and Faith stepped into my dressing room.

Faith had pulled the upper layer of her hair into a knot on top of her head so that the rainbow hues underneath were on display. She wore a black tank with DarkHeaven scrawled across her tits in hot pink letters. Her bottom half was ensconced in this sort of schoolgirl kilt, with a pair of black Vans on her feet.

Sexy as fuck if you were into schoolgirl fantasies.

Or Faith.

I swiped my hand over my face and averted my gaze while I guzzled my water.

Dahlia closed the door and announced, “You’re going to hate the plan, but I don’t care. It’s going to work, and the end result will be exactly what you insist you want.”

“I can hardly contain my excitement,” I muttered.

Dahlia pointed at me with a finger tipped with a talon-like, black-painted nail. “You are going to start acting like a lovesick fool.”

“Huh?” I said at the same time Faith sputtered, “What?”

Dahlia swung her arm around to point at Faith. “And you are going to initially get all flustered because this is totally out of character for Lucas.”

“That should be easy enough because it is out of character,” Faith quipped.

Was she serious? Oh, but wait. She was. Because she had no idea.

“If there’s one piece of advice I can give you, son, it’s not to let a woman destroy you.”

My dad’s words were suddenly a mantra. Faith would destroy me if I let her. Dahlia’s suggestion was going to be easy and yet hard as hell to pull off, since I’d be doing exactly what I’ve wanted to do for years: exactly what I shouldn’t be doing.

And Faith had no fucking clue how much this could potentially wreck me. But then again, that realization should keep me from falling any more deeply into this pit.

Hell, this could be fun, if I looked at it the right way. The acting gene was strong in my family, not to mention I’d been acting for four years now. What was another few months, especially if the end result was my freedom?

No more fake relationship. No more fear I’d lose myself for someone else’s happiness.

“You got it.” I stood, practically bouncing on the balls of my feet.

Faith narrowed her eyes. “That was easy.”

I shrugged, feigned indifference. “This was my idea, remember?”

She flung around to face Dahlia. “How is this going to help break us up?”

“I said we’ll gauge fan reaction initially, which will determine our next move. It’s possible some of them will hate it, because this isn’t the rocker romance you’ve been portraying for the last four years. If that’s the case, we can move to the next phase, which is, you’ve been to counseling and you’ve tried different things and it just isn’t working, yada, yada.”

I arched my brows. Yada, yada? Maybe she could give us a little more than that?

She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. “And you’ve decided to go back to being friends.”

“Oh,” Faith said, her voice coming out small, almost too quiet to even hear her. “That would be nice.”

I kept my mouth shut.

Faith gave me a quick glance. She seemed nervous. “Do you, um, need any pointers? From Dahlia, I mean.”

I almost laughed. She truly had no clue who I really was. “Nah,” I said. “I’m good. I think I can handle this.”

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