Make Me Whole

Scroll down to read an excerpt! I'm learning how to live as a young widow, and by my side is my late husband's best friend, and single dad, Liam. It's…

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Make Me Blush

Scroll down to read an excerpt!   Emery moves to a small town with her kids after her divorce in order to live a calmer life with her mom close…

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The Wife Finder

Scroll down to read an excerpt! Self-made billionaire Blaise Mortenson made a wager to see who will be the last single man standing, but his plan to win could backfire…

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The Bad Boy

Scroll down to read an excerpt! When Redwood's popular and rich bad boy discovers that nerdy girl Vera Rodriguez writes smut, he blackmails her into doing everything he's ever wanted.…

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Heart Thief

One stubborn military man plus one feisty Army chick equals an explosion of power, passion, and crime. Amazon US Amazon UK Barnes & Noble Apple Kobo Google  

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Heartbreak Kings

She’s the first female student on an all-male campus. No one is happy by her presence there, least of all the five inner circle members of the Alpha Omega Fraternity.…

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Not Well Behaved Women

Scroll down to read an excerpt! Deliciously dark, heart-pounding romantic suspense, swoon-worthy sports romance, unpredictable alpha shifters, mysteriously dark vampire lovers, or ghost encounters. Whatever you’re in the mood to…

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Keeping Kori

Scroll down to read an excerpt! An operative shot in the line of duty. An EMT with a huge secret. And the ultimate explosion of consequences and hearts. Amazon US…

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